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Utah Military Academy

A 7-12 free public charter school in Lehi, Utah.

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*Join us for our Family Support Group Meetings!!
Locations: Cafeteria
Date/Time: TBD

  • Here at UMA we want to make sure that everyone is heard and understood!
  • If you have ideas, questions, or any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the FSG!  After all, we are your Family Support Group, and it's what we are here for!  
    If you or your cadet need specialized attention, please get in contact 
  • with your Counselor 
    *Ms. Elaine Wilson School Counselor -cadets last names A-K

  • **We encourage you to be active in your cadets academics and chosen 
    Team Time events, Clubs, and Athletics. 
  • Please get in contact with your leaders and see how you can get involved with fundraising, offering support, and other assistance! 

  • Family Support Group
    - 3-5 volunteers needed assisting Fundraising Chair, coordinating fundraising details
    - 3-5 volunteers needed assisting VP of Academics, coordinating donation and supply needs
    -FSG SECRETARY Executive Committee Member
    -FSG TREASURER Executive Committee Member
  • If you would like to join the FSG team please contact the FSG at  

*If you have any suggestions or concerns please contact the FSG at or make a submission on the website under "I'm having trouble with"

VOLUNTEERING needs at this time: 
Please click the available links to sign-up or contact the FSG at to claim these opportunities, and receive more information.

You can complete your VOLUNTEER HOURS by filling out our electronic form online: Click Here:

  •  Classroom and Team Time Supply Needs
    Teachers, Team Times, and Clubs are in need of several donated items or volunteers.
           View the list or click the hyperlinks to view the sign-ups 
           Contact Lacy at 
           for any questions
           Current needs:
EVANS Supplies
SGT Laub Math Help
           Spanish-  Spanish Mini Novels 
           Please see Ms. Martinez for details
           Sewing- STRATFORD Sewing Supplies  
           *STRATFORD Classroom Help 
           Archery/Evans- Velcro, Mini Paracord, Lockable equipment                storage cabinets
           Lego Club/Waltzing- Any brand of Legos 

           Counseling- Swanson Help & Supplies
           Sadie Hawkins Dance- Contact CPT Elliott

  • Cadet Wolf Buck Store:
    Each Friday
    Time: 11am-1pm during lunch
    Click Here: to sign up; check back often for open availability 

  • Stylists- Cadet Haircuts
    Cadet Haircuts
    Time: each Wednesday 3:20-4:20 during Team Time
    Click Here:  
    If you are a licensed Stylist or Barber and would like to donate your time to perform the UMA regulation hair-cuts to our UMA Cadets. 
    Please contact Captain Elliott at 

    HAVE AN IDEA! We would like to hear from you! 
    Here at UMA we rely greatly on Family Involvement and Fundraising to make many of our Team Time activities possible and to host many of our ongoing student activities.
    We thank you kindly for all that you have done and continue to do to support these groups. 
    -Here is a list of the current and upcoming fundraisers being held here at Utah Military Academy that may need your assistance. 
    More information to come!

  • Concessions: Funds support Athletics 
    Contact Angi at

  • Winter Concert- Breakfast for Dinner 
    Dec. 18th 5-7pm @ UMA

  • JROTC Raiders Team- Warm Winter Jackets Black and Green
    Contact MST SGT Graham 

  • Chubby's: Support the Watson Family
    Nov. 25th -Dinner Time! See Facebook for details
    Gofundme or Send your money donations directly to Venmo: 
    Dawn Vignovich@Dawn-Vignovich  -Contact for questions
    Needs going forward: Be sure to view Sheet 2
  • If you are able to assist or would like to get involved in any of these activities or programs, please contact us at