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Utah Military Academy

A 7-12 free public charter school in Lehi, Utah.

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CANVAS Parent Guide

Parents, many of you are having difficulty with Canvas, We have a parent guide located on our website, under Quicklinks>UMA Documents>CANVAS Parent Guide. You can also click on this link. If you are still having difficulty, please reach out to the front office.


August 27 Tuesday Baseball @ HOME UMA Hillfield 4:00 (Veterans Park Lehi) 
August 29 Thursday Men’s Golf Match @ Talons Cove 10:00
August 30 Friday Baseball @ HOME vs Merit 4:00 (Veterans Park Lehi) 
Men’s Volleyball Tryouts will be on September 3 and 4
Ladies Volleyball practice is 3:30pm to 5:30pm from August 22nd through August 29th.
Practice will change starting September 3rd.  It will be from 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Family Support Group (FSG)

*Please bare with  us as the school continues to revise and update the web site.  Please contact the FSG ( or Cpt. Elliott  at  with any questions you may have. We will direct you in the  correct location if we are unable to answer the question ourselves.

*Parents Needed! We are still in need of a couple more parents to work the Cadet Store on Fridays. More information regarding times and start date to come. Please contact the FSG (

* Remember your cadets are getting a lot of information and instruction during Formation and in their classes. If they forget to fill you in and share please remember to ask. Most topics are found on the Web Site, in the Newsletter or on the FSG FaceBook. That said parents are not privy to all the plethora of information shared with your cadet. Ask if you aren’t already told. If you have questions that your cadet can’t answer please feel free to contact Captain Elliott ( or contact the FSG by email (  

* Some of smaller cadets have not been able to get a reasonably sized grey button up shirt for Monday’s soft uniform. There are more on order. In the meantime if they have the soft uniform (Friday’s) green Polo shirt they should wear their Friday Polo on Mondays and Fridays until they receive the grey button up shirt. If they have not received the Friday green Polo either they can wear a nice button up white shirt until they receive the soft uniform shirts. 

*Just a reminder about the Flag Ceremony with The Candy Bomber this Saturday August 24th, 2019. This is an all day event with cadets arriving by 1000 hours. Your cadet should have already signed up and received the days information from Cadet Winther. Though parents are welcome to attend, do remember this is a cadet ran event. The flag ceremony is at 1100 hours. There will be activities throughout the day with the Candy Bomber Drop at 1530 hours. The days events concluding at 1600 hours. Contact Captain Elliott with any questions It will be at the Spanish Fork Airport, 2050 N 300 W Spanish Fork, UT 84660 (in Mountain Country Foods airplane hangar, on the right-hand side, right as you drive into the airport.

*UMA has an opportunity to earn some extra funds! BYU is looking for a few extra staff willing to help their staff work some stands. They will pay UMA extra funds per person helping to staff their stands. They will try to keep group members working together in the same stand(s). The check in time will be 1800 hours (6:00pm) at the regular check in location. We will be getting all the information out to any Cadets and family members who sign up to work the event. Please contact the FSG by email if you would like to sign up. 

*First BYU Home Game is coming up! Mark the date Thursday, August 29th, 2019. Any Cadet and family members working concessions will be contacted with all pertinent information. This is a great fundraiser for the school!

*Our best resources are often at our fingertips. UMA is looking for a few good men or women. We have two part time paid positions needing to be filled. We are looking for someone to take the lead at the BYU Home Games in concessions. UMA is also looking for a Martial Arts teacher during TEAM TIME. If you or someone you know has the skill and is up to the task please refer them to the FSG by email and we will forward their information on. 

*We have a parent survey we would very much like you to visit. You new UMA family members received one similar when you registered. This new one is slightly different adding in information of our teacher wish list. Please visit the link and share your interests and talents.

*The DEMCO Wraps are in!  Please contact the FSG by email ( if you are able to assist with putting these on. We can make arrangements for you to pick a few up and take them home to work on at your leisure or schedule a time for several of you to come in and work on them at the school or both. Thank you for your help.


Please note seminary is no longer at the Church on 3600 W. and 1500 No. It has been relocated to Willow Creek Middle School, Seminary Building. Pick up will be at 8:45am. Thank you for your attention to this!  If you have any questions contact Mr. Hansen.

Waterbury Drive (In front of the school) 

As you have noticed all of the new buildings and Construction taking place in front of the school.  We also have a ‘Fire Lane’ in front of the School. Waterbury will only get busier.  This is ONLY a moving traffic street, it is never a drop off or pick up area.   To drop off or pick up your student, you will enter the parking lot Drive to the south entering around the soccer field.  You can pick up and drop off your Cadet anywhere along the soccer field.  Make sure to stay to the right of the curb so others can pick up and drop off. 


Cadets who would like a UTA bus pass will be given one at a prorated charge depending upon the distance they live from campus (Please see fee schedule on website for costs). Cadets need to bring a map showing the mileage between their home and the school, the front office will not be looking up mileage. (Home address must match the address in Aspire). If the 1st bus pass is lost, they may purchase another bus pass for $50.00 from the office. Bus Passes will be available for Purchase during Plebe week. UTA Will activate them on August 15th. The dates they work are completely out of our control. Parents are responsible for getting their Cadets to school until the passes are activated. Students are required to sign and  follow a trax behavior contract. If cadets are found violating the contract they will lose their bus pass for a time or permanently depending upon the severity of the behavior. For returning Cadets, they MUST follow this same process. Your UTA Pass from last year WILL NOT WORK. You must complete all the steps to receive a new UTA Pass, even if your address remains the same.  

**We have relocated pick up and drop off at the front runner station to the west side, near the golf course.

Homelessness Project

As part of the State Legislative Internship we are developing a specific policy initiative around homelessness. If there is a parent or two with a burning passion, and would like to help, please email your resume to

Martial Arts Instructor

We are looking for an instructor, who can teach one or two days a week during TEAM Time. We are able to provide some modest compensation. If you can recommend someone please email:

TEAM Time 

Your Cadet should have received a form to sign up via email.  Fill out this form to sign up for classes that are interesting.  We want to know which classes you would like to see offered in the future.  Make sure to put in your  suggestions, using this form. If your Cadet needs this form resent to them, please send them to Ms. Olson in the office. For those of you that are new to UMA, these are classes offered after school that are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 3:30pm to 4:30pm each week.  A bus will take students to the trax station  After team time.

You can now see the TEAM Time Schedule on our website under > Quicklinks > UMA Documents > TEAM Schedule 

The "Candy Bomber Event" 

Utah Military Academy has been honored in being asked to perform the Color Guard for a Special event Honoring, Gail Halverson, "The Candy Bomber".Gail Halverson, US Air Force (Retired) is the main speaker. There will be a few elected   officials present with many attendees. We're excited to experience the Candy drop when Colonel Halverson will be doing a candy drop at 3:30PM. Cadets, to participate as the Color Guard, contact Cadet Ian Winther in formation and sign up on his sheet. We would like as many Cadets as Possible.  The event is Saturday, August 24th. Color Guard needs to meet at 10:00am with Cpt. Elliott. The actual event starts at 11:00am. The location is Spanish Fork Airport, 2050 N 300 W Spanish Fork, UT 84660 (in Mountain Country Foods airplane hangar, on the right-hand side, right as you drive into the airport).  This is an experience of a life time! Hope to see our Cadets and Families there!

Living History with Veterans 

Mark your calendar to attend Living History with Veterans Now.  Our theme for the month of September is WWII and the Korean War.  We will have Music, a Wax Museum, art, vehicle display, gear and numerous healing exhibitors at this event.  The main Veteran Speakers to be announced.  When? September 16th, Monday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.   Living History with the Veteran will be held the 3rd Monday of the months of September, October, November and December.

No Longer Printing Schedules for Cadets

Remind your Cadet to print up their school schedule or Save it on the phone.  We will no longer be making copies of schedules starting August 26th.


Check your Cadets uniform each morning before they walk out the door This is a great habit to form now to avoid infractions in the future. Here is the weekly schedule of “what to wear”.

  • Mondays: Grey oxford shirt, Khaki slacks, black shoes and socks, black belt or ACU tan web Belt.
  • Tuesdays: ACU's (camo), tan boots, issued socks (green or black), baseball cap, tan t-shirt, ACU tan web belt.
  • Wednesdays: ASU's, black dress shoes, beret, white crew neck t-shirt, issued ASU black belt/buckle. 
  • Thursdays: ACU's (camo), tan boots, baseball cap, tan t-shirt, ACU tan web belt
  • Fridays:Green polo shirt, khaki slacks, black shoes and socks, black belt or ACU tan web belt

 ***On Fridays you may wear a UMA spirit team shirt in place of your green polo. (This does not include the UMA PT shirt).

 ***PE black shorts with spandex shorts/compression shorts-black or grey