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Utah Military Academy

A 7-12 free public charter school in Lehi, Utah.

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Cadet Leadership


On July 31st, I sent an email to Cadets who want/need to be in leadership for the first quarter to come see me, or email me to advise me. If you are one of the few that have contacted me or we have met, I will advise you shortly of what position you will be in. Due to limited responses, I am sending this out again. Only the Command Sergeant Major position has been filled up to this point. We will likely have 9-10 grade Cadets leading 11-12 grade Cadets if you 11-12 graders do not respond. You just need to email me and tell me why you want/need to be in leadership. Also advise me if you plan on joining military or applying for college scholarships. If I don't hear from you, it will be a luck of the draw as to what leadership position you get. We are doing teacher training all of next week (7-11 August) and I will likely not be available to meet in person.The following are positions still available:

Battalion Level:

  • Battalion Commander
  • Operations Officer
  • Executive Officer
  • Personnel Officer
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Supply Officer
  • Signal Officer


Company Level:

  • Company Commander
  • 1st Sergeant
  • Executive Officer


Platoon Level:

  • Platoon Leader
  • Platoon Sergeant
  • Squad Leader (x3 per platoon)


I look forward to meeting you all.


MAJ James Peterson
Commandant of Cadets
Utah Military Academy